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Beatriz Pinto

British artist living in the Uk

Her artistic journey commenced during her formative years in Portugal, where the vibrant world of art first unfolded within the walls of her school. The allure of capturing the essence of her surroundings on paper proved irresistible, igniting a lifelong passion that consumed her every waking moment. Despite encountering limited support from her family, who harbored concerns about the perceived challenges of the artistic realm, their discouraging words fueled moments of self-doubt, questioning her own worthiness of "success." However, deep within, she harbored an unyielding conviction that art was the sole path she could envision for her life, propelling her to tirelessly hone her craft and explore diverse artistic avenues.


Upon her transition to the UK, she acquiesced to her parents' wishes, enrolling in a two-year Hairdressing program at college as an effort to appease their aspirations. However, it didn't take long for her to realize that her true calling lay elsewhere. After a protracted period of introspection and relentless endeavors to secure her parents' understanding and support, she boldly redirected her course, embarking on a transformative three-year journey studying Art and Design at Suffolk New College. During this time, she fearlessly ventured beyond her comfort zone, experimenting with various mediums and art forms while concurrently pursuing an online Interior Design course.


Subsequently, she sought solace and camaraderie within a charitable organization, where she encountered fellow artists and individuals who played instrumental roles in helping her showcase her work. It was during this transformative phase that she embraced the world of digital art, a realm that ignited an intense and unwavering passion within her. Fueled by her own artistic odyssey, she now aspires to leverage her creations as a catalyst for inspiring other women to embrace their truest talents and persevere in the face of adversity. Her resolute message reverberates loudly: to defy the limitations imposed by skeptics and forge a path toward personal fulfillment.


In her ongoing pursuit of artistic expression, she endeavors to kindle a flame of motivation within others, empowering women to unapologetically embrace their creative callings, undeterred by the chorus of dissenting voices. Her artistic journey stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit that propels individuals toward their destined purpose. With unwavering determination, she aims to inspire women worldwide, urging them to unearth their innate talents and never surrender to the doubts cast upon them by others.


SELECT ART FAIRS / Group show / Projects

2024 / Rochester art fair 

​2024 / Under the rainbow, Bluewater shopping centre, Kent 

2023 / Rochester art fair 

2023 Babylon arts, Ely

2023 Suffolk library, Elmswell

2023  /  Summer Exhibition, Babylon Gallery, Cambridge

2023 / Karibu memorial mural, waterfront , Ipswich Suffolk 

2023 /Jubilant , Stowmarket high school  , Ipswich Suffolk


2022 Asylum Studios  

2022 Suffolk new college 

2022 / Art on the beach, Felixstowe 

2022 / Sails Maker, Christmas fair, Ipswich 

2022 / Sails Maker, Christmas fair, Ipswich 

2022  / Signs of joy Exhibition, The hive, Ipswich 

2022 / Ejart creative, Christmas fair, Woodbridge 

2022 /  Snape Maltings, event and installation, Suffolk

2022 / Big things Wagwan, Black history month Ipswich 

2022  / Seckford hall hotel and spa,  Christmas fair, Woodbridge

2022 / Art eat events, waterfront Mural, celebrating Creativity, Ipswich Suffolk 

2022 / Volunteering Matter, charity, Empowerment to youth,Mural figurative Paint, Ipswich Suffolk



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