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Frederico   Ramos
British artist living and working in the UK

During his formative years, Frederico Ramos relocated from Sao Tome to Portugal with his father. Despite facing depression and bullying at school, Mr. Ramos found solace in drawing and sketching. Although his family was skeptical about art as a career path, he persevered and honed his artistic skills. 


Currently, Mr. Ramos is based in Suffolk, UK, where he has earned a reputation as a distinguished artist in various areas, including fine art, portraiture in East Anglia, contemporary art in Suffolk, and famous art in Suffolk. Through his business, Fredking.Arts he focuses on creating superior quality artwork that resonates with discerning art enthusiasts and buyers. He has a steadfast commitment to providing unparalleled customer service and personalised experiences to establish a loyal customer base. 


At the core of Frederico creative ethos is the production of hyper-realistic pencil portrait drawings. The team takes pride in creating artwork that evokes a powerful emotional connection with their customers. They aspire to create artwork that not only captures the eye but also resonates with the viewer on a deeper level by infusing each piece with elements that reflect the human experience. 


In recent years, Mr. Ramos' artwork has gained significant attention due to its unique style and emotional depth. The team at Fredking.Arts has developed a reputation for interacting with individuals who form a connection with their art. They often receive requests for custom pieces tailored to specific needs and desires, and they approach each commission with a focus on facilitating an emotional connection between the buyer and the artwork, be it a bespoke piece or a custom portrait. 


In conclusion, Frederico Ramos' artistic journey began as a personal coping mechanism but has evolved into a thriving business that creates high-quality artwork with deep emotional resonance. Fredking.Arts is committed to making their art accessible to as many people as possible, believing that art has the power to bring individuals together.



2022  /  Solo Exhibition, Face’s of Frederico , Asylum studios ExhibitionSpace, Suffolk, Woodbridge 

2022 /  Solo Exhibition, Meet The Artist “Frederico Ramos”, The Hive Community Space, Ipswich 

2022 /  Solo Exhibition,Voice to be heard, University of Suffolk, Ipswich 

2021 /  Solo Exhibition,Black lives matter, Volunteering Matter, London


2024 April 6th/ Under the rainbow, Bluewater shopping centre Kent 

2024 February 12th / The Mall Gallery, London   

2023 January 25th /  Volunteering Matter, 60th year Anniversary, Diamond Gala / Auction Live art show, The Oval  'London' 

2023  /  Winter Exhibition, Babylon Gallery, Cambridge 

2022, I’m fine Exhibition, Community Hub, Ipswich

2022  / Signs of joy Exhibition, The hive, Ipswich 

2022  /  Black Power, Aspire Black Suffolk, Snape Maltings, Suffolk 

2022, Small works Exhibition, Art society, Woodbridge

2022  /  Open call, as Laguna Art Gallery, Canada 

2022, 143rd Open Exhibition, Art society, Ipswich

2022, Borders Exhibition, Art society, Ipswich 

2022  /  Summer Exhibition, Babylon Gallery, Cambridge 

2021  /  Celebrating Arrival of Black Panther Costume, Christchurch Mansion/Gallery, Ipswich


2024/ Rochester art fair 

2023 / Rochester art fair 

2022  / Seckford hall hotel and spa,  Christmas fair, Woodbridge 

2022 / Sails Maker, Christmas fair, Ipswich 

2022 / Big things Wagwan, Black history month Ipswich 

2022 / Ejart creative, Christmas fair, Woodbridge 

2022 / Art on the beach, Felixstowe 

2019 /  Black history month, Suffolk 


2023 / Karibu memorial mural, waterfront , Ipswich Suffolk 

2023 /Jubilant , Stowmarket high school  , Ipswich Suffolk 

2022 /  Snape Maltings, event and installation, Suffolk

2022 / Volunteering Matter, charity, Empowerment to youth,Mural figurative Paint, Ipswich Suffolk 

2022 / Art eat events, waterfront Mural, celebrating Creativity, Ipswich Suffolk 

2022 /  Ipswich Suffolk libraries, event and installation

2019 / School new cafeteria, Mural Painting, Stoke high school Cafeteria, Suffolk, Ipswich.


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