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Bespoke Wall Art 

We specialise in crafting stunning wall art that are meticulously tailored to our clients' unique needs. For organizations, we go above and beyond by offering two immersive workshops for a select group of participants chosen by the organization. With the guidance of our skilled photographer, we capture the essence of these workshops, ensuring that every idea and contribution is documented. The final design is then expertly created, incorporating the collective creativity of all attendees. The result is a truly remarkable piece of art that reflects the organization's identity and the collaborative spirit of its people.


What is included in our offerings?


We present a selection of both indoor and outdoor murals. While these options bear similarities, the indoor mural stands as a potentially more economical choice. A significant determinant in the mural's overall cost is the material expense, which tends to be less pronounced for indoor murals in comparison to their outdoor counterparts. The outdoor mural, given its exposure to the elements, requires materials boasting weather-resistant attributes.


Whether you represent a corporation, an organization, or an individual, our adept photographers meticulously document each phase of the creative journey. In the corporate and organizational realm, we ensure the comprehensive delivery of all captured images. Conversely, for our individual and private clients, we furnish a collection of photographs showcasing the final masterpiece. This compilation serves as a platform for you to effortlessly share your creation across your social media networks, enveloping your circle of friends in the radiant allure of your accomplishment.

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