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Rochester Art Fair


Our Story

Renowned artists Federico Ramos and Beatriz Vieira showcased their awe-inspiring artistry at an exclusive art fair in Rochester from October 6th to 8th. This three-day extravaganza transcended a typical art fair, celebrating the transformative power of art. Their masterpieces, a testament to their talents, took center stage, blurring the lines between reality and imagination, captivating art enthusiasts and buyers alike.

Surrounded by a vibrant community of fellow artists, Federico and Beatriz engaged in profound conversations that enriched the event. The art fair went beyond exhibition, fostering deep emotional connections between the artists and their audience, who sought more than mere appreciation. Their successful sales underscored the resonance of their work within the hearts of those who encountered it, leaving an indelible mark on Rochester's thriving art scene.

In this melting pot of creativity, their unique perspectives and stories inspired others and themselves. The event was a celebration of artistic spirit and human connection, showcasing the artists' unwavering dedication to art. 

In recognition of our work, we were honored with an Award of Merit, serving as a token of appreciation.

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